Friday, 6 August 2010


I've just tried a bit of a techno experiment. I took the dog for a walk and tried a bit of mobile blogging. It was fine, but I decided it would be better from an actual computer. I even tried a new iPhone dictation app with moderate success. But, here I am back at home, with a laptop on my, well, lap.

Not really that much to say really except to shout "holiday" overexcitedly. That's right, I'm off on my jolly 'olidays in 6 more getups. Yay!

Tomorrow I've got a couple of holiday related jobs to do with Nat. We're going to clean the car inside and out, put some air in the tyres, check the oil, put lots of fuel in and plan the packing. Nancy and Maya are coming up tomorrow and we'll be picking them up from Preston station.

Also, it's my mum's birthday. Happy birthday to you, ma! We're going to have a bit of a party in the evening.

Gareth is meant to be coming on Sunday. That'll be good; I'venot seen him in ages.

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