Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Man with the Golden Gun

Getting into this steam punk thing. My goggles are coming on. I need to get some bits this weekend and then they'll be all finished. Will I post a picture of them or wait until the day?

What do you think?

People have been talking about modifying nerf guns into Victoriana weapons. I've seen pictures of people doing this on the Internet and it looks cool. But I promised I would stay clear of all weaponry and my steam punk character would be all peace and happiness. Make love not war, man.

However, the five year old child inside me won in the long run and I have now made a pistol. And it's way cool. Very Jules Verne, I think.

On another note, I read a book recently called The Buddha, Geoff and Me. I really enjoyed it. (I didn't actually read it though - I listened to the audio book. What a cheat!). It's written by a guy called Eddie who also writes for TV.

He's coming up to Oswaldtwistle this weekend and I've been asked be the reader for his presentation. I am really excited. And challenged.

As a youth, I was regularly asked to act/perform/present etc in front of an audience and never really had a problem. School debating team, head boy, every school panto, technical presentations etc. In later life, I've found this to be much MUCH more of a challenge.

But one that I really love. I get such a buzz when it all goes right.

So thank you Eddie for the opportunity and see you all on Saturday!

And if it turns out well, I might post a picture of my pistol.


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  1. I've just ordered the bits to make my goggles, and already got a pile of stuff to make my gun :-)