Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bats and Gongs

It's been a wonderful day. It's mine and Cherie's 8th wedding anniversary. I made her a card with a poem inside and gave her the gift of a gong bath. She gave me a bat detector.

This morning, we both woke and did Gongyo. We both took the dog for a walk and I picked up a parcel from the post office for Cherie. I then packed a bag and went to Gaddings dam with my sister. The water was quite warm today (14.5C) and we both did 1.2 miles. Alyson came too and did her first outdoor mile. We had a quick picnic (a kwik-nic) and came home.

I ate soon more of the picnic in the sun and then showered and got changed ready to take Cherie out for a meal. We went back to Todmorden to the Top Brink pub and had some grub. The parcel I'd picked up earlier turned out to be my present which was a bat detector. We came home, Cherie put on her wedding dress and we listened to the clicks of the pippistrels.

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