Saturday, 30 May 2015

Jet Lag

Here I lie in the dark. Wide awake at 5am. The dreaded jet lag. It's 11am in real money and my body insists I should be up and about, completely refusing to sleep. But it's still nighttime. Full dark, with no signs of the sky starting to lighten any time soon. I went out onto the balcony and looked over the trees outside. There was a rustling sound, and I could see below me a whitish creature with a bushy tail that reminded me of a skunk.

We're in Nayarit, Mexico at the Grand Palladium Vallarta. It's beautiful. Our room's not quite what we expected, far more basic than the suite I thought we'd ordered, but we'll sort that out later this morning.

It's all inclusive, something we've never done before. But I'm liking it. You ask for a drink and you get it, with no charge, anytime. We ate at the Viva Mexico restaurant last night. The food was just what we needed after a very long day. We'd been up since 5am and it was 9pm Mexico time.

It's still dark. It's still early. Let's see if I can get 40 winks.

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