Monday, 26 July 2010

The case of the missing E111s

I've found our E111s. Eeek. They've been lost for years. Literally years.

We recently had to get some replacements, but I found the originals. As we're going on holiday soon, I have started to get one or two things ready. Today I printed out the travel documents which arrived electronically as a backup. But I needed to put them somewhere safe so I had a hunt around.

I tend to keep important travel documents together in a special wallet during the trip. Its handy because you can hide the lot away for security, yet all the documents are together and easy to find in a hurry. I have a few different ones; some big some smaller. I located one of these document wallets in an old drawer. It was still full of the stuff from our trip to St Aygulf in August 2008.

Memories came flooding back as I emptied the contents. I sat on the bed reminiscing. One of the pieces of paper was much stiffer and thicker than it should have been. I turned it over, and there stuck to the back were the missing E111 cards. They had some kind of gel like glue on them which had kept them attached to this piece of paper and hence hidden from sight when we had previously looked for them.

Mystery solved. But now we've got double the number of cards!

Today I managed to get my PIC circuit working. I made a little traffic light from a bunch of LEDs and a simple program. Sweet! I want to make a propeller clock. Need something to spin around first. I blew my 16F627 up with a faulty crystal oscillator circuit (I got my micros and picos mixed up) so now I am using a 16F84A.

Had a good day at work. We got a letter of thanks from a customer. It seldom happens, but when it does, it makes it all worthwhile. We also managed to bring a bunch of other things to a close (well, mostly). I cycled there and back today. That was hard work I have to say and this morning my gears started playing up. Need to sort that out tomorrow with a bit of magic lubricant.

Cherie is out with the Buddhists tonight. Have fun chanting.

Something odd happened today. Weird by my standards. It was certainly outside of the realm of what you would consider the normal, physical world. If you've got time, I'll tell you about it.

It's about a dream. A few years ago, I had a very vivid dream about going on holiday. I was driving in a car full of children with my wife. It was the outbound journey and we were generally very happy and excited about the trip. We were in the area of  South-Western France towards Spain. It was twilight.

We came across this huge bridge. When we were on it, it almost felt like we were flying over the clouds. It was somehow futuristic like a space bridge from the Jetsons. It was like nothing I'd seen before.

As I mentioned, we are off on our holidays soon. We will be staying near to Carcasonne in the south of France. This is, of course, in the south west, quite near Spain. I showed someone a map of the area at work today. He told me we will be near 'that bridge; you know, the longest one in the world'. I looked it up, and it's true. In Millau, there is a huge bridge. It's the longest in the world and it is very high above the surrounding countryside. There's even a photo on the internet of the bridge looming out of a sea clouds below it.

I used Google street view and looked at the road over the bridge. I can tell you, it is the one from my dream, the only difference is that we would only be driving over it on the way back, not the way there.

It was very strange. I'm looking forward to travelling over it now.

I'm off to bed then. It was good to talk to you. G'night.

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