Sunday, 18 July 2010

You have to start somewhere

OMG a blank page. First blog, what to write. Panic. Writer's block. Blogger's block. I think I've just invented a new term; 'Blogger's Block'. Do you think it'll catch on?

Well let's find out. Everyone who reads this has to use it at least twice a day in general conversation. No, three times, I'm indecisive. Pass it on as a meme; a zeitgeist. Who knows, it could become an internet phenomenon. An 'iPhenom'. See there goes another one! iPhenom. Kind of like an anagram of iPhone. With an extra letter. That's me, always thinking ;-)

Looking back over what I've just written, I don't suppose it's the best way to begin a new life of daily regular diary-like blog entries. But this is my brain drain and I suppose it does what it says on the tin. Yes, I know, my brain's a scary place at first and you probably need to get used to all the places you'll find there. Over the course of this blog, I intend to take you on a guided tour of all of the ashbrain's nooks and crannies; the winding paths and staircases that make up the complex landscape of my thoughts.

Today is Sunday and it's very peaceful. In fact, rather lazily, I'm still in bed. In my defence, I did get up, have breakfast, sort the dog, feed the cats and make an all important espresso. But it's such a miserable day (grey, overcast and likely to rain oppressively) that I thought I'd spurn physical reality and retreat into the virtual, electronic one which is building itself around us and entwining its networked roots of modems, firewalls, screens and keyboards through our daily lives to feed off the raw ones and zeroes of our digitised thoughts. See, that could be another iPhenom.

Hence this blog.

Yesterday, I did a lot. Today I plan not to. I do have to take Nat to his girlfriend's for 2pm. But nothing else. I might do some programming work on my new PIC experiment board which I finally got working yesterday. Yes, that's right! Between dodging patchy rain so that I could mow the lawn, shopping (left the roof box on the car and went into the muli-storey car park - again), paying bills, tidying up, researching programming tips & tricks, explaining to an eager teen what I understand about modern ideas of gravitation in super-symmetric, string theory based quantum and cosmological theoretical models, eating take-out, going to the movies and doing the washing I managed to find the fault on my circuit board, fix it, research the C libraries for that model of microprocessor and create a little firmware program that lights LEDs when you press little switches! Whoa! And you know what, now that I've written that, it does not sound anything like as awesome as it felt at the time. That might not end up being an iPhenom. But it seemed so at that time.

Anyway, I think I'd better stop wittering on now, I'm sure you've seen enough of the ashbrain for one day. But before I go, don't forget about the word thing. You know, mention 'Blogger's Block' at least twice, no three times, a day for the next week or so. And throw in 'iPhenom' too for larks. I'm getting all excited about the potential that sometime in the future there'll be someone on TV using these terms.

That would be awesome.

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