Friday, 23 July 2010

Inception. Watch it!

Went to the movies last night to see Inception. As promised, here's a review. Sorry it's slightly delayed.

It's awesome. A truly great film. I have not seen such an original scifi in ages. But it is so much more. Psychological, artistic. Amazing zero G fight scenes. The trailers are good, but they really don't do it justice. Mesmerising. You can tell Nolan takes inspiration from Hitchcock; there are the longest suspense sequences you'll ever see!

Hang on... There's a floating spider. No really. It's getting closer. Not in the movie! God, pay attention! No, here, right now as I type this blog. I need to go get the little Hoover thing. I'm in the hot tub you see.

Got him.

Just having a quick dip whilst downloading an amine movie to watch later. Also, IT Crowd later. Series 4. So far, so not as good as series 3. Think it's getting stale.

Still, one or two classic Moss moments.

Another show I've unexpectedly found I like is BBC3's Mongrels. When I saw the adverts and trailers I thought, comedy puppets for adults, looks dross. It's not. It's really funny and it goes slightly further over the edge than other shows because the main characters are animals paralleling humans in controversial situations. It tackles subjects which are almost but not quite the same as things we would consider taboo. Making them dogs and pigeons means they can get away with it. Genius.

I've had a good day today. Worked bloody hard. From home. Omg how much more work did I get done than I would have had if I'd been in the office.

Managed to plan, prepare, document, respond to emails, deal with CRM issues, do expenses and do some remote debugging by proxy.

I would never have managed all that had I not had undisturbed peace and quiet.

And when work was over (4ish), I cleaned the hot tub, made tea and played Blur with Nat.

He he he. I'm just giggling. It sounds bubbly when you fart in the tub. He he he.

Well, I imagine my movie has downloaded by now. 'Ghost in the Shell'. Never seen it and it's meant to be good.

I'll just finish my wine and then go and watch it.

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