Friday, 15 February 2013

Steaming Ahead

Blimey, are you back again?

Didn't expect to see you so soon. You're a glutton for punishment; letting me drain my brain all over you.

Want some more? No, you say?

Tough. Pin back your lugholes and let the tsunami that is today's brain drain wash you swirling down the plughole of experience.

Is that a good thing? [*Must. Work. On. Positive. Imagery*].

I've been a proper busy wittle bee today. Which is surprising, given how knackered I thought I'd be after yesterday's complete mad-a-thon at the One Billion Rising event in Manchester.

What larks! [*understatement*].

Singing, dancing, smiling. Lots of smiling.

Can I just say that Ailsa is incredible at getting people to feel at ease. I was really nervous about doing the whole "Something inside" thing. Me? Sing? In front of actual people?

Avin a larf, int'cha?

Well I did it. And I loved it.

The buzz afterwards! It kept me going for the rest of the night. Well, that and the espresso.

Whirling dervish comes to mind. If you think Franky and I battle-walzting was bad - think again. They had St John's Ambulance on stand-by. I was like a man possessed. Not by a demon, but by the spirit of some African tribal shaman. [Ash, stop being dramatic]. Let's call him Shaun; Shaun the shaman.

I proper loved the whole evening. Thanks to Meg for making it all happen.


Which brings me back to today. How did I manage to function? Not entirely sure; but I was full of a creative energy which was almost entirely due to Shaun and his shamanic influences.

I cleaned. I tidied. I put things on walls. I changed walls. I shopped (a bit). I read a couple of chapters of my book about the philosophy of artificial intelligence. I drove around with the roof down (it was 14C in the sun at one point today, folks!).

But, most importantly, I Steam Punked! And, yes, it is a verb.

No, please, sit back down. Don't go to get the dictionary, just take my word for it.

OK, fine. It's not an actual word. I blame Shaun again.

I steam punked. I fused bits of leather, studs and chains into various accessories for my costume.

Hang on... I've just read that back. I'm concerned it gives the wrong impression.

It reads a bit, well, pervy. For those of you who don't steam punk, it's not what you might think.


My costume's almost complete. I just have one more article that I need - and there's one on eBay. I've got my beady eye on it.

A top hat. A proper victorian one.

Fingers crossed. The auction ends tomorrow. Really, really excited - I've never really done eBay before. I'll let you know how it goes.

And don't go bidding on it! I'll know. Shaun the shaman can read your mind with his voodoo ju-ju. And he's probably much better at eBay than I am.

The sun's gone down and I think that my brain is well and truly drained. I feel, [*deep inhale*], cleansed.

How was it for you?

I think Shaun enjoyed it.

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