Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oops - bad me.

Sorry. Didn't post yesterday.

I iz well bad, innit.

It was a very busy day - and not an entirely happy one. So blogging was last on the priority list.

But today's a different day. It is 5:30pm and I'm still at work, killing time before going to pick up William for his guitar lesson at 6:30.

So what shall we talk about? The news? The weather? Food?

Let's stick with the last one. The other two are fairly tedious. Food's not so exciting either, I hear you shout. But, oh no, how wrong you are. How wrong.

I have something to say about food. Or the lack of it.

I've decided that I'm going to eat more healthily and much less. So it's carrot sticks and celery for me. Soon, I'll have the body of an athlete. [* Ash, I've told you before, stop being dramatic - body of a sofa jockey, more like *]

You see, when I was single I used to regularly cut back on my food to keep myself in shape. It becomes much harder when you're not cooking for one. And then there's a knock at the door - and it's Mr Belly bringing his gift of middle aged spread.

But Cherie is on a special diet, and Nat tends to just have his vegetarian stuff. So - back on the salad for me!

Looking forward to a life less tubby.

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