Thursday, 2 September 2010

Barcelona, Birds and Birthdays

Barcelona. What a bleedin nightmare. It was hard work and really stressful. The stress started on the night before when we planned the route. We decided to go the quick way which would shave about an hour from the journey time but take us through a gorge.

This bothered Cherie’s mum. A lot.

As it happened, the gorge was really beautiful and must have been a huge and dangerous endeavour to construct the road.

We got to Barcelona and it took an awful lot longer than anticipated. Plus we were late setting off. Once there, we could not park. Cherie was navigator and had thus far done a terrific job as usual. The top box was still on the car and every car park had limited height clearance. Cherie became so stressed that her lefts and rights became ups and arounds and eventually she was so upset she could not function.

We ended up having to stop temporarily, dump the people and bags, remove the top box, shove it in the car and use an underground car park.

We viewed the unfinished Gaudi Cathedral and set off to visit the Gaudi park. After 30 minutes of walking (luckily it was not too hot) we had only covered about a quarter of the route and so we decided to head back and have some food. On the way to the restaurant it rained heavily. We ate and the food was good.

Driving home, we avoided the gorge in the dark. A silent lightening storm lit the sky spectacularly and continued for hours.

When home, we were greeted by a tiny bird fluttering around the inside of the fireplace. We opened the glass door and tried to catch it. It eventually flew off into the night after managing to cause chaos and break a couple of glasses and cups.

It's William's birthday this weekend. He wants to go to a water park. You know, slides and queues. The nearest one is in Perpignan.
More driving then.

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