Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Well it's a Tuesday. I've not really been feeling normal strong Ashley self recently. I've been a bit weedy. And I have no idea why.

I've not been blogging regularly for one. I have been chanting though, and it's helping. I just imagine what I would've been like if I hadn't been!

I've kept up writing my book. I've been picking up bits from all over the place and putting them in the computer to put into order sometime in the future. 

And I need to sort the writing group which seems a bit vague right now. I'll book the room tonight.

I've been doing well at swimming recently too. In fact I've found it great fun. I never expected that. Cherie wants to sign up for a run now. She's found a fun 5k one with obstacles! It sounds brilliant. I'll sign up for that too! Sounds like a larf.

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