Sunday, 8 May 2011

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Well, hello again! Good to see you.

It’s always a pleasure to have you come to visit. But I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I haven’t written much in a while; so there’s not a lot for you to read, my friend.

But as you’re here, I’ll make a special effort, like when your gran makes those special buns you love because you’ve unexpectedly shown up at her front door.

So. What to write? Let’s start with a catch up, I suppose. That might take a while because I’ve been busy.

I’ve been really busy… [cue Scooby Doo flashback]

Remember the last time you came? The one where I’d just written the rant to Greenpeace? I got a response. It was emailed to me. The person who wrote it was not appreciative of my comments. They didn’t explain why they thought that their policy was appropriate in all regards but rather steamrolled over my comments with a ‘we’re just right’ attitude. I had tried to make my post as constructive as I could; but the response was just neg-a-tive. My wife read it and added that she was surprised it was so ‘unprofessional for a worldwide organisation’. Even the language the writer used was childlike. Maybe they think I am a child. With the next letter, I’ll add my age.

From Ashley (aged 41 and three quarters)

I’ve been chanting. Yep, the whole SGI Buddhism thing. It’s been an eye opener. I am a different person. No, really; let me explain.

Chanting started for me not as anything mystical or supernatural (it’s still not as a matter of fact) but as a way to help mould my mind into what I needed it to be. I wanted to concentrate on promoting positivity in my personality and banishing any destructive traits. A daily chant would help me to remember this each day and focus on achieving it. Out with the bad air, in with the good.

It was a logical choice to be a better person. Someone told me then that my life would expand so that I’d be going to bed wondering how much I’d managed to fit in that day.

And if chanting wasn’t for me, I can always stop.

Months later, I’m still at it. My life truly has expanded. My personality has changed. I am doing new things I would not have imagined before. And the logical choice to chant is not about logic anymore. It’s made me different and I don’t know why.

I have great new friends who help me and whom I have helped. I am more tolerant (less grumpy) and happier. I have new ideas and the power of will to act on them.

It has helped me to lose weight and get fit. I now wear contact lenses and not glasses. I am more confident at work. I have started a creative writing course. I am more in contact with my children. I have learned how to help others in need (a hands-on approach).

Buddhism has changed my personality. Changing my personality is changing my life. Nothing supernatural, just self empowering.

Like I said, I’ve been busy.