Saturday, 4 June 2011


Hi Drainers! It's good to see you again. What are we all up to?

I'm sitting at the front of Tesco in Accrington holding the dog with my new cubasa. Cherie is inside buying something for Nathaniel to have for his tea. Because we're going out.

It's our wedding anniversary you see. 6 amazing years.

We're eating at Sapporo Teppenyaki in Manchester tonight. I have a feeling it will be quite an experience!

Why have I got a new cubasa you ask. It was an unusual gift from Cherie. Quirky. Apparently this is our 'iron' anniversary. And the cubasa is, well, a bit irony. (not the sarcastic kind, you understand).

I haven't got Cherie anything, but I'm sorting the meal. Sushi has iron in it.


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