Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Week Off - Day 3 - The Bonny Tilers

Corny, I know.

Well, it got you reading, didn't it?

And I bet you have an inkling what Mrs D and I have been up to today.

The floor in the downstairs loo. I was quite daunted by the task - but we did it! In very good time too.

Looks really good.

Cherie is finishing the grouting whilst I take William to his guitar lesson.

We struggled cutting the tiles. They're quite thick and weak. Like some people I know.

Kidding - you're all awesome!

The tiles are hard to actually cut and once cut, they're hard to snap without breaking. I had borrowed a tile cutter (thanks Andy C) but it wasn't up to the job I'm afraid. I tried cutting with my Dremel ("Dremel's don't cut", I'm reminded, "they grind!"). Well, it was unexpectedly successful but I found myself going through too many carbon discs.

I went out and bought an inexpensive (I thought) electric tile cutter. What a piece of kit! From Homebase.

Yes, I thought you'd be shocked, I was too. You can get up off the floor now.

After the whole "paint stripper" shenanigans of the other week I thought I'd never buy anything from there again.

I was really impressed by it. Water cooled, dontcha know. Diamond edged blade.


All the tiles were cut straight and neat, very few breakages (the tile to blame not the cutter). But I did get "tile milk" everywhere - a white mixture of water and tile dust that seems to appear randomly everywhere and isn't easy to get rid of. You should have seen my hair!


So, the floor is now tiled. Walls, radiator and woodwork are painted.

Another job from the work queue finished.

Next, please.

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  1. Job well done! I just can't imagine your hair full of tile dust but anyway the job is fulfilling. Bravo!

    floor tiler