Sunday, 3 March 2013

Steam Punkery

The Mad March Tea Party was hugely enjoyable. I had a whale of a time. The costumes were a feast for the eyes. The pro punkers had some dandy intricate accessories. But honestly, I think us Steam Punk virgins did a fairly impressive job.

Caroline and David made some terrific goggles. Good work!

Kerry seemed to enjoy herself. She did seem to have gone a little bit insane towards the end, but that's allowed on your birthday.

It was great to see everyone there; and to see how much effort everybody had put in.

The whole thing was very well organised yet had an organic feel to it. The idea of an authentic tea party was genius.

I really liked Katya's tea urn. An amazing piece of artistic kitchen equipment. Every home should have one.

Looking through the photos on BookFace, (and yes, we still have to upload ours) it is clear that we all had a good time. At the end, everyone pitched in to clear up. Again, rather organically it seemed. All of a sudden, there was a spontaneous whirl of activity as chairs and tables were stacked around the room.

It seemed to me that there was an after party just waiting to happen. But unfortunately, it didn't happen.

I particularly enjoyed the company of a beautiful flower girl. A gave her a sixpence and she gave me a posie. Later, I took her for a ride in Hackney cab and we became well acquainted.

And who knows; more there'll be more flowers later.

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