Monday, 8 July 2013


I haven't been posting stuff recently, but I really must post about our intense festival weekend at Beat-Herder. It's a dance music event hosted annually in some fields just off the A59 in Sawley.

This year, there was more than just dance music. There was reggae music, folk music, electronica, comedy and performance art. The wild swimmers were asked to perform as the latter.

We got free tickets to the event and 3 of us (including me) had backstage passes! We camped in the crew camping area and parked in specially reserved crew lots.

Our side of the bargain was to put on interactive shows throughout the festival. On Friday we put on the outdoor sink-ro-nised swim. On Saturday morning some of us were a four person Victorian carnival. Cherie and I left to go to Gareth's wedding and the rest of them took the bathing machine out for a spin. The day after was Sepia Sunday and we all dressed as Victorians with sepia coloured clothes and props. We put on short silent movie style vignettes at various spots throughout the festival site and then invited the festival goers to take a photo with us.

The whole thing was quite mad with very little time to watch any of the acts.

We all really enjoyed it.

And I think Beat-Herder enjoyed us.

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