Monday, 19 July 2010

The Boomtown Rats were right

I hate Mondays too. Especially when I have a headache; and its a killer one. I can't drain too much of my brain this morning, I'm afraid. It would hurt us both.

As I promised, I'm going to start the tour of the ashbrain today, but it'll have to be quick due to the banging agony. So its more of a brain drain pain.

And it's raining again. In summer! Sorry, not summer, the monsoon season. Enough moans, let's look on the bright side.

Cherie's back from London. Oh, did I not mention? Yes, my lovely wife was visiting her friend Nancy and her daughter Maya this weekend. She brought back a chameleon.

Like you do.

 I think we may go to the cinema tonight to watch Inception. I'll let you know my opinion tomorrow. On the subject of cinema, Nat and I saw Predators on Saturday. I think it rates a big fat 'Meh'.

Anyway, enough of my Monday morning moaning. We'll talk later when I'm smiling.

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