Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Today's been a great day. Super, smashing, great! Good news and good times!

Wanna share? Listen up...

Awake bright and early and completely headache free. A nice bit of brekkie including a warm, fresh Tesco croissant and a cuppa (usually already off to work by this time). Set off and arrived in plenty of time. Checked up on the stuff from that awful demo yesterday; confirmed that the PC was at fault. We managed to get it all working first time on another PC. Did some debugging (successfully). The team worked hard to take us a step closer to finishing our Silverlight database dashboard; I wrote a killer LINQ procedure which was cracking. We solved customer issues, training issues and site installation issues.

We were on fire!

But the really great news came in a text at about 11am. My wonderful wife had sent a text to inform me that her job which had been in the balance due to budget cuts was now safe and guaranteed for three years! Brilliant! We'd been a bit worried about that.

I bought some Reims champagne for her to take into work for everyone, but she wants to have it at home with me. I'm not arguing; it's Mumm.

So a terrific day. I'm really pleased!

She's hosting a Buddhist meeting downstairs right now, so I'm relegated to the bedroom with my PC until it's over. I think the central tenets of Buddhism are truly the way we should all live our lives, but I can't be doing with all the chanting. I'm a firm atheist and as Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion it fits in with my beliefs. The two complement each other; mostly. You do get the odd person who likes to believe in the more esoteric, spiritual and mystical aspects of a new or exotic religion, and this too makes me run a mile when there's a meeting due. However, most of the people I have met since Cherie has become a Buddhist have been honestly great folk. I am honoured they are under my roof tonight.

I like to show how honoured I am by buggering off into the bedroom by myself. That sounded sarcastic but I mean it. I just let them get on with it without going in and arguing with everyone.

So I'm going to wait now until they are all done. And then she can pop the cork and we'll have some bubbly.

A good day. Maybe there's something in this Buddhism.

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