Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sunny, with a chance of grins

Stretches arms and yawns leisurely.

Imagine me doing that. The yawning and stretching. But imagine it happening somewhere sunny and hot with the pleasant relaxing sounds of wittle birdies tweeting their happy songs of blissful summer. Got the image? Hold it in your mind's eye for a moment and drink in the fresh air and feel the hot glow of the sun on your face.

Ok. Now forget all that and return to reality. Because even though we're here in the south of France it's cold and windy. WTF I hear you cry! Cos I did! Maybe its just early, but it pretty chilly and the mistral is blowing stuff all around.

I'm sitting here at the table in the garden of the lovely grande maison in Lapalud, near Orange. The sounds of the water lapping in the swimming pool have a calming effect boosted by the whisper of the breeze in the trees.

Amelia and William are up early, it's about 8:05. Cherie is kind of up but doing her best not to be. When I asked her if she'd had a good sleep, she replied, "Still having it."

Music to my ears! Amelia has just asked me if I'd like a coffee. Does the pope shit in the woods? Wait, I think I mixed a metaphor.

I'm just feeling a bit negative. We have a lot to do, little time and its not as sunny as I expected; but it's the first proper day dans la sud de la France and I'm with my kids who I have not seen for weeks.

Lovin it.

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