Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Big Buddhist Meeting

That's not a meeting for big Buddhists. So please stop imagining a room full of flabby bald smiling folk sitting in the lotus position.

Have you erased said picture from your mind? Sure? Not even a single bloater rolling around in there?


It was a men's meeting, HQ level. A meeting for any SGI men from Lakes and Lancs. there were eleven of us, which is a pretty amazing turnout.

I made pizza. Lots of pizza. And biscuits.

A bit too much really. It wasn't all consumed. I took the rest into work today. The gannets devoured all the leftovers in minutes.

The meeting was vibrant but challenging. One of the guys described it as 'a significant meeting'.

It was fairly heavy, content-wise, and it made me feel a bit, well, inadequate. I'm supposed to be a district leader. I need to do better. After an hour of chanting this morning I realised that I had been leading and that wanting to do better is a vital ingredient in human revolution.

So, win-win then.

We made a unanimous decision to hold HQ level men's division meetings every other month. What a result!

There were also people there who shared the view I had when I started the practice. Why do we have separate men's and women's divisions in the first place. I suppose I'd got so used to having the men's meeting each month I'd lost track of that particular question.

It was worth it. Thanks to everybody who made it their mission to come. Shame John couldn't make it.

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