Saturday, 6 April 2013

Today is the Day

The day has arrived. The one you've all been waiting for. Saturday, April 6th.

Today he perform the debut of the Accrington Wild Swimmers Outdoor Victorian Synchronised Swim. It was one of the cats in bags from a post a few weeks ago.

I can reveal it will be tonight at 6pm in Rhyddings Park. Please, everyone come and support us. It going to be great.

I guarantee you'll never see anything quite like it again!

We have made the costumes, the props and the bathing machine. We have designed it, choreographed it and practised it until we know every little move.

We still have a few snags. The bathing machine broke in rehearsal yesterday. We'll have to fix it this morning. We still haven't actually got our hands on the PA system yet, but that should be he this afternoon.

And today is the day.

There's a big parade afterwards and after that, we'll be in the pub.

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