Saturday, 27 April 2013

Working on a Saturday?

It's worrying how much time I spend apologising. It's not right.

You know what I'm going to say. I've been busy.

Too busy for us drainers, eh Ash? We're not good enough for you. You just get on with your 'busy' life. Don't worry about us with nothing to read. We'll be fine. There's always the tele-ma-box.

We've been moving offices this week. So there's that. It's a Saturday and I'm going back into work to help finish up.

And we've been trying to import Asda's data into world all week. It's not worked so far. Dave left us last week and we're a bit in the dark with very short notice as to get it working.

Whilst packing and shifting.

And my phone broke. The back is smashed. Don't know how, it's not like I dropped it or anything. It went in my pocket fine and came out smashed.

It's all moan, moan, moan today. So, a look on the bright side.

William and I went for a Mexican last night and went to see Oblivion at the moooovies. I really enjoyed it. The concepts, story and artwork were excellent. But it had glitzy Tom Cruise Hollywood production values.


Vanilla Skies all over again.

I noticed in the end credits it was based on a graphic novel. That explains it.

We might be wild swimming tomorrow. People are trying out their wetsuits. I don't have one yet; but I might get one this afternoon if there's time.

I'm not going for a dear one. I can't.

Cherie is in London to go to Taplow Court. She's staying with Nancy. I hope she's having a great time. Love you, wifey.

I've got to finish my writing course homework this weekend. Must. Be. A. Good. Boy.

We are having a Buddhist men's meeting here on Monday. It is for all the men from the HQ. So that's quite a lot of dudes. I'll make pizza. It was supposed to be at John's house but he thought it was last night. When I reminded him about the day he had double booked so we had to move it here.

Really looking forward to it. But I also have to fit it in with taking William to the dentist. That might be difficult to arrange with work too because it is during the afternoon.

Such is life.

Challenges make us stronger. And happier.

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