Friday, 19 April 2013

The Final Dust of Dave

It's been a quiet day at work today. We have practically got to the end of a medium sized strategic software project to provide real-time functions to our fuel island controller and tied up loose ends on a couple of imports into the web service. We're also in the middle of preparations to move offices next week. That, and it's Dave's last day tomorrow. Jonny and I have been extracting all of his "Dust". That's we what we call his particular blend of IT magic. Dave Dust.

If something's not working, just liberally sprinkle it with Dave Dust and it'll be fine.

Not to be confused with Butt Dust. That's something entirely different.

We'll miss Dave. We're already missing Andy and Bryan not to mention Graham. Since they left they've all been showing up every now and again. I think that says a lot for the bond our team once had. Even when folk get made redundant, they still want to come back for a chat.

Cherie has been off work again today but she's feeling better. That's good.

We curled up on the sofa and watched a Netflix marathon. Breaking Bad series 3, Green Wing series 2 and Firefly.

Love Firefly. What a terrific fusion of old and new. The Wild West but in space. It doesn't just work, it seems like that's how it would be. The young terraformed planets at a distance from the galactic centre are lawless and poor and the inhabitants are squabbling over limited resources. Great characters. Great acting. Great dialog. Great stories.


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