Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bad Day

I was right. Today was a bitch.

A fracking bitch.

Two people made redundant from my team. Good people.

Another person handed in his notice. Also a good person.

Plumber our moving radiator pipes called. Hot water pump goosed. Ch-Ching.

He called again. Three position switch also buggered. Ch-Ching.

Got home. Plumber had put my key through letterbox leaving me keyless. Cherie working late. Nat at girlfriends. Totally lucked out.

Totally locked out.

Sat in car for two hours getting boreder and colder. Really needed to go to loo.

Call from Cherie at 7. Meet her at Tesco. Went to pick her up.

Call from Nat at 730. Picked him up from girlfriends.

Cherie realised she only got half of the shopping from Tesco. Return. Chance to go to loo. Toilets closed. Of course.

Got home. 830. Went toilet.

Knackered and pissed off.

Yet somehow, still smiling.

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