Friday, 8 March 2013

Week Off - Day 5 - Women's Day

Yes - today is International Women's Day. Because of this, it's possible for venues to stage the Vagina Monologues for free. They're putting it on at the civic and Cherie is performing some of the pieces.

I'm really excited for her. And nervous too.

I've just dropped her off at the Civic. She looked gorgeous.

She's very nervous - we didn't have time to do Gongyo first because, gasp of surprise, she wasn't ready in time.

I know that she doesn't need it, but I wish her luck. She just needs to stay calm and enjoy it. I know she'll be fine - she's a powerful, confident woman.

She-Ra Princess of Power.

Me? You're asking about me? I've not been well. Again. But I'm better.

I'm heading of to Taplow tomorrow; kinda wish I didn't have to, actually.

I've got all my stuff ready because I'll be setting off at about 6:00am. I need to get some things done tonight before I go to the Civic.

So I'm going to go and have a shave.

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