Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cracked Glass and Lost Twenties

Mmmmm..... Beer.....

I've had very little alcohol since the start of this year. The odd pint and glass of vino.

I bought some San Miguel today and I'm gonna have one in a minute. I deserve it.

It's been another busy day, Drain folk. Taken some of the crap from the side of the house to the tip. Done some shopping and lots of cleaning up. Started my poem for the Hangout.
Planned some wardrobes for the bedroom. Cherie then re-planned them, properly.

I know my place.

We then went to the shop to have a look at a wardrobe range.

We had shopping issues which all got magically resolved without any hassle. I bought a photo frame for a present and had to swap it when I found the glass was cracked.

Cherie got cash back at Asda and left it in the self checkout. She needed the money for supplies from the Asian shop. She realised when she couldn't pay for the curry ingredients and we had to dash back to reclaim the lost cash. Astoundingly, she got the money back.

I couldn't Adam and Eve it! Lucky break. A boomerang twenty.

I could do with some more of them.

We went to Peter's birthday party. Unfortunately, none of the other wild swimmers could make it. Would have been great to have seen them all!

It was fancy dress and I tried to go as Neo from the Matrix trilogy. I looked more like Roy Orbison. Cherie went as Emma Peel from the New Avengers. Very saucy, missus.

One of Peter's mates showed us photos of him swimming in a very clear natural pool. Apparently, near Rydell Water. I think we should get more details and plan an AWS outing there in the summer. It even had a natural water slide for the adventurous ones.

Going to have my beer now.

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