Sunday, 17 March 2013

What did I do today? Erm...

Crikey! Almost missed today's Brain Drain! I forgot. Cherie and I have been very forgetful today.

I was going to write all the things we'd forgotten today, but I can't remember them.

Ba-bum! See what I did there?

Haven't really forgot. We didn't go swimming. I didn't take the remaining junk to the tip. We totally forgot about going to Christina's.

And at the Victorian swim practice we didn't take the money we were supposed to and I forgot all the routines!

And I forgot not to eat chocolate. Well, ignored it, actually.

I did finish the poem for the hangout. That's good. And I copied down all of the handwritten poems from the faded frames in our bedroom. They're getting harder and harder to read as the sun bleaches them. (* what sun? *)

Made a super tasty tea. And lunch actually.

For tea we had steamed M&S wild SockEye salmon on a bed of spinach with wasabi. For lunch we had home made chunky guacamole on a bed of spinach. See a pattern?

We bought too much spinach.

Started watching Breaking Bad on NetFlix. I enjoyed it. Cherie didn't. It does glorify the horrors of the seedy drug sub culture.

I had thought up a truly terrific sentence to end this piece on a life enrichingly positive note. One that you'd keep with you for the rest of your days on this merry go round we call Earth.

It was earth shatteringly, Pulitzer Prize winningly good. I tried to write it but the pen I used broke because it wasn't worthy of being the channel for the delivery of this portentous prose.

Bu thent, I forgot it.

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