Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fun day

Hey blog buddies! Wow, been a fun day. A long day.

Got a wetsuit. Literally the last one in the shop. The guy said it had been an incredible day - they'd sold practically all of their Orca wetsuits today. They only had this one left because someone had tried it and ended up upgrading to a top of the range one. It fits well. It's actually a size bigger than the one I tried before. The shop guy saw me and said I'd be better with that size anyway.

It is miles easier to get on and off than the other was. And still really snug.

Spent this evening watching Dr Who and Breaking Bad and describing the plot for my story to William.

I don't hate my story half as much now. In fact, I impressed myself. I think its time to start the actual writing.

Going to try my wetsuit tomorrow at Brungerley Bridge.

See you there.

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