Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sittin' and Waitin'

I'm in the car right now. Just sitting in a car park, not actually moving at all. I'm waiting for William to finish his guitar lesson. It's good to see him, even though he seems a bit miserable.

I would be to if I had to come back to this weather from fancy France.

I'm hungry. If I'm not home soon I may just eat my iPad. I've got some beef I the back. Think it'll become a pasta dish or something.

In the back with the beef is a wetsuit I've borrowed to try on. It's a size 8 Orca Sonar circa £300. There's one exactly like it on eBay for £77 (last bid). Which is nice.

Hope it fits; if it does I'll place a bid. Apparently it's easily worth over £100.

But I'm so hungry I might just eat that too.

I've just seen something fairly awesome on BookFace. Apparently HBO have made a multi season TV series of American Gods which he is writing. No way man! I NEED to see this.

It could be the single most awesome TV event in history.

What do I have to do to get to see it?

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