Monday, 15 April 2013

Painted Pots and Small Potatoes

I hope you don't mind, lovely drainers, but I've had the weekend off. Off blogging, I mean.

I have been writing, but not my blog. Something else. Something bigger.

We went out on Saturday to the Inn at Whitewell for my sister's birthday. As food goes, it was delicious. As portion sizes go, paltry. I was amazed at the intricately chopped yet microscopic potato triangles set with a lump of lamb in a tasty onion jus (that's posh for gravy).

We had a nice evening.

On Sunday I went writing at Costa which is becoming even more of a habit these days. Cherie went to Cath's with the AWS laydeez to do some pottery painting. People had taken food to Cath's, so of course, I had to go when I'd finished at Costa just to try some.

The girls were all trying their best to concentrate on delicately creating wondrous designs on plain white bowls, jugs and cups whilst the children charged madly from room to room screaming and shredding Cath's precious nik-naks. I started thinking maybe I should take them to the park, and whilst still thinking of it I heard Saskia telling the ladies my thoughts.

How did she do that?

Hey ho... So I took Orin, Saskia, Aelwyn, Aiden and Oisin to the park armed with just a pram and a bag of mini eggs.

We were there for ages! I really had lots of fun. Bizarre, I know. You'd have thought that it would have been chaos. Go figure.

But that's what happens when you stimulate the minds of brilliant children. Peel them off the XBox screen and take them into the fresh air with their friends.

Joy happens.

When we returned, I helped myself to the scrumptious food (Kerris's lemon meringue pie and Franki's flapjacks. No they aren't euphemisms). Thanks everybody.

I even had a go at painting myself. When I looked at the results I remembered why I tend to avoid things which require dexterity and patience. I should stick to male Neanderthal pursuits like bashing down walls and growling.

We then went to Franki's to have a go at sorting her computer. I didn't have the gear with me, so we ended up chatting until stupid o'clock. I really enjoyed it.

I went back to Franki's this evening with the right bits and showed that darn machine who was the boss.

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