Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Writing Course - week 2

It was the second day of the writing course today. We had homework. I did most of mine last night and wrote it up just before the lesson with seconds to spare. I think it went quite well. Today's session didn't feel quite as negative as last week's. It was nice to see everybody again although Caroline has dropped out. Shame.

For this week's homework we have to write a short article for our chosen publication. I'm quite looking forward to that.

It has been a quiet day at work today. I got chance to go over to the new premises to check out the IT equipment there. Internet and phones are now in and I was able to use the moo phone to call out. That's a hyper technical term for a very special phone.

Not really; it's just like any other landline handset but decorated in a cow skin motif.

If it worked, any standard telephony device will work. Faxes, modems you name it.

So that's nice.

At the writing session I found out about more software designed for helping writers to manage plots and characters. I was very impressed and I may have to check some of them out. I still love the simplicity of Scrivener though.

One of the other writers read the post I wrote about the Writing Course week one and was inspired to return for week two. I am so happy about that! I spoke to her about the Artists' Hangout and about a few of us maybe putting together a creative writing group in the Civic Arts Centre.

I think it is going to happen. Everybody loves the idea. I just need to keep up the momentum and keep people interested.

The plot for my novel is coming along. I'm very pleased about it. I'm pleased about hating it. Well, parts of it.

In the past I would have stopped right there. It's just crap, move on. But this time it's not the same. It's crap, make it better.

And I am. And it is.

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