Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Writing Course - Week 3

Wow. Down to one person this week.

Just lil'ol me.

I did the homework. But only just.

After such a busy week I really struggled to fit it in. I'd left it too late. I'll do the next assignment as soon as I can to avoid that happening again.

Monday came around and I had to be up early, go to work, take William to the dentist, shop for the big Buddhist meeting (with help from Nat), prepare for the meeting (with help from Cherie), take Nat and his gear to a band practice and then host the meeting.

So no time for writing then? Well, I vomited the words onto a blank page in the twenty minutes it took William to have his dental checkup. People must have thought I was a very odd character sitting in the waiting room frantically tapping at my iPad screen.

Click Click Clickety Click.

I tidied the text up after work today on the iMac. I added a title and a subtitle, broke the text into sections with headings and stuck in a few rapid screenshots.

I felt very guilty at not giving it my best.

I gave it to Mr Steve the Writer and he read it. I'd already apologised for my lack of effort.

But I think it was alright. He gave me the next assignment and said I'd got the narrative style of the magazine off to a tee.

I smiled. Had I achieved the chatty style on purpose or had it just emerged from the rushed approach?

Either way I came out pleased with myself.

I have taken the course tutor's email address and I must send him something. That way he gets my email address and can send me the homework in an electronic form. I'll then forward that to Sam, Kaye and Caroline.

I know at least one of them has dropped out already, but I didn't let on to Steve. I'll forward the stuff and they can do with it what they like.

Another thing, Kaye sent me a message about getting involved with a creative writing group. I need to make that happen.

Looks like PenPals will become a thing.

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