Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Poem

These are things I like to do,
When I am spending time with you.

Walking in a frosty wood,
Doing what two lovers should.

Feeling sun upon my face,
In some exotic far off place.

Laughing at each others jokes,
And maybe those of other folks.

Holding you so very tight,
Throughout a chilly winter night.

Collecting shells from off the sand,
Playing, running hand in hand.

Watching films on the big screen,
Then chat about what we've just seen.

Driving places far away,
All through the night and through the day.

Loving you between the sheets,
Doing acrobatic feats.

Eating in a cosy pub,
Munching on each other's grub

Dancing to a rhythmic beat,
In a club, then in the street.

Relaxing in a steamy tub,
Maybe give your back a rub.

Chilling with our closest friends,
Who hope the party never ends.

Smiling warmly all my life,
Cos I'm so proud that you're my wife.

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