Thursday, 28 February 2013

Goggles and Pens

Two things that you don't tend to put together. But I will explain.


But first, I'm going to have to apologise for my appalling lack of blogarithms these last few days. Un-for-givable.

I do have an excuse though. I have been really busy.

What with the Victorian swimming meeting, work, buddhist meetings, work, the Artists' Hangout, work, the Mad March Steampunk Tea Party, work and work, it's been kinda ker-azy.

So where do I start?

Hanging out. At the hangout. Writing stuff.

It took quite a lot of organisation and co-ordination with Nina, but nothing we couldn't handle. We were running a creative writing table, you see. A first for the hangout. I think we did rather well, even if I do say so myself. I know that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Almost the best Hangout ever!

(I say 'almost' because I remember Hallowe'en!)

We had a constant stream of pen pushers busily jotting all evening. On post-it notes, on paper, on the table and on each other. We even had one person who was willing to read their poem out!

Brave soul.

To help the thought process, we had The Chest of Inspiration full of bizarre objet d'art, a picture box full of expertly [* :-) *] laminated photos, Nina's old books without their jackets, the wonderful artworks on the walls and (my personal favourite) a book donated by Ian called the "Writer's Block". I used that to write a peice. If I remember, I'll post it tomorrow.

I'll need lots of 'Likes' for encouragement, so get your clicking fingers ready.

But what, you say, has all that got to do with the title?

Well... I'm glad you asked.

It kind of covers the 'pens' part of the title - although there's a less happy story there too. You see, I took my best writing pen to the Hangout. It was a present that I particularly liked. It was one of those pens that you can use to write a space opera when actually in space! Designed by NASA. Astro-tastic.

That pen and I spent many a happy hour together. [* sigh *]. It went to the Hangout, but didn't come back. I searched frantically but could not see any trace of its liquid silvery sheen.

Oh well, it's only a pen. And pens don't write stories, people do. And word processors ;-)

I saw Francine at the Hangout. She brought me a cane for the Steampunk thing. Huge thanks if you're reading this, BTW.

She was expecting something back from me to help with her costume, but, alas, the message asking for this had become garbled en-route and I didn't know. Me fail.

She needed some cogs 'n' stuff and her internet ordered goggles were looking less and less likely to arrive from Eastern Europe in time. So I promised to help her make some new ones.

I went out and got the stuff today - they'll be slightly smaller than my pair. Francine is coming round tomorrow evening to help make them. Given that they need a few coats of paint, I've already done most of the work on the frame. I've also given them a primary coat of spray paint. They just need perspex lenses, 'leather' eyecups and a strap.

I am hugely looking forward to the tea dance just to see the hard work everyone's put into their outfits.

If you're lucky, I might post photos! It's on Sunday.

Oh - one more thing. Cherie and I are on holiday from work next week. Feet up. Can't wait.

I'm not sure what that means for the blog. I think it's a good thing.

I also have some more material for another entry in my technical blog "Strongly Typed". I'll probably do that tomorrow, so you brainy drainers will have to wait.

Missing you already.

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