Monday, 4 February 2013

When is a Monday not a Monday

Mondays. The Boomtown Rats were right.

But, I thought, we make our life our own, so I should do something to transform the day.

So I did. I got busy.

Morning alarm went off. Got up with a particularly excellent start to the day.

Work was meh as usual these days.

Got home. Mopped the floor.

Like you do.

Went to visit someone I've not seen in ages. Good times.

Snow. Lightening.

Made the basis for my epic steam punk costume. Tried it on.

Looking dapper.

Wrote this. And next I'll read my new book about artificial lifeforms until I zone out.

Monday, sorted.

Note to self. Stop writing boring shite about your day and write a story.

Point taken.


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