Friday, 22 February 2013

Broken Tile

Hello there! Always a pleasure.

I've been trying to think of a subject to write about this evening adnd kinda coming up blank. What's been the highlight of today? Did anything in particular stand out?

William came to stay this weekend. And I was lucky enough to see my elusive yet wonderful daughter.

I bought some tiles. Nice ones. They're for the new floor in the downstairs loo.

They were quite cheap too. When you added in the cement, grout and tools the price doubled! I'm looking forward to putting them down.

But, worryingly, I broke one of the tiles. The guy in the shop replaced it for nothing. It practically just crumbled in my hand. The thing that concerns me is how easily it broke. I just picked it up and it fell into pieces. Cripes, I hope that doesn't happen to the rest of them.

Or worse, they go down fine and break when you walk on them.

Let's see.

Adrian called tonight. Was good to have a chat - not spoken properly for ages. Need to plan a boys' night out. Grrrr!

Going to go now - I've left it late again.

Hugs n stuff.

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