Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Note to Self

It was the Ceilidh yesterday. Awesome fun with awesome people.

When it was over, in true Wild Swimming style, we went back to someone's house for a bit of a do (thanks Franci).

Like you do.

But my headache came back. And I started getting tired. And hungry.

And grumpy.

Not wanting to upset anyone by having to leave early, I tried to stick it out. But the grumps built up.

I'm hugely sorry if I let my grumps rub off onto anyone - please accept my apologies. You see, that wasn't me. I'm a bit like the hulk but without the tight trousers. When David Banner was angry (in my case grumpy) he'd transform into a creature of power and emotion, devoid of logic and compassion.

My green menace came up and I'd had enough. I hope that not too many swimmers had to bear the brunt of it. You're all so lovely.

But hulky did say some stupid things to some people and I want to take it all back. And I want to change my karma so that he never shreds any shirts in future. Or at least if he does, he doesn't upset anybody.

So I've written a questionnaire that I'll keep with me. In times of stress/grumpiness/anger/over-tiredness I'll make a point of filling it in.

Please fill in the following form
Delete as appropriate

Do you feel tired?Yes/No
Do you feel hungry?Yes/No
Have you had too much coffee?Yes/No
Do you feel overly and irrationally emotional?Yes/No

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, 
then please, 


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