Sunday, 3 February 2013


It's been one of those days. Things have just fallen into place against all the odds. I didn't expect that to happen.

You know what it's like when the small things come together to make big problems. Each thing on its own might not be anything to worry about, but when they gang up on you they are a formidable force for disaster.

I feel that today could have been like that. Lots of small to medium annoyances that could have put quite a dampener on our weekend when taken all together.

But somehow, they didn't. Somehow the problems weren't, well, a problem.

I just smiled my way through.

Maybe problems are just defenceless when faced with a grinning man. Some would have said grinning idiot if they'd seen me today.

So, like the ubiquitous and highly annoying phrase goes; keep calm and carry on.

And I did. And it worked.

For those who are interested, here's what happened. For those who aren't, you can skip to the end. I won't mind and you won't miss much.

You see, I had a flat tyre.

In Whitby. On a Sunday.

Nothing open for miles. Had to fit the spare in the cold wind. Then find where to go for repair. Scarborough. Packed, set off.

Kwik-fit only.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Mechanic sucking in his cheeks. Not cheap. Not quick. Had to be home for wonderful birthday party. We were taking the chilli. Time ticking. Need to be on the M62 by now.

It's done. How much? HOW MUCH? Ch-ching.

On the road, some singing. Sorry.

Cherie wants to sleep in the car; can't. Roadworks on M62. They've closed a lane - but why? Miles and miles of slow for no reason at all. A cone invasion.

Arrived at party. Oh my god, we're early? To the shop - extra party supplies required. Quick under the table art deal before I go. Nudge nudge etc etc.

Back to party. Beer explosion in boot. Mmmm beer... People. Chat. Playful hugs. Laughing and eating. Great plans afoot. Empowering
Home. So much done with so little stress. How?

So my lesson for today is that when faced with adversity, it's not the problems themselves that cause a person to feel unhappy. It's all about your perspective and how you approach them.

My lesson for tomorrow will be to remember that.


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