Friday, 1 March 2013

Prayer for the Lost

At the writing table at the Hangout on Wednesday, I wrote a short piece inspired by Ian's "Writer's Block" book. I had to write a story in the form of a prayer.

I really enjoyed writing it and people were surprised by how much I'd written in a short time.

Hope you enjoy it - it's rather silly.

Our Father,

Who art in heaven, I have have a bit of a problem. I suppose I should start at the beginning. But then again, you probably know all about it already. After all, you are omnipresent.

It must be hard, omnipresence. Not the physical splitting of yourself to cover such a large area, although that does sound fairly nasty. No, I'm talking about the sensory input. Seeing many glorious and terrible things sights from across the globe. Hearing tales and prayers from all of humanity.

Must be exhausting.

If you can find time in your busy deity schedule, could I ask you to keep an eye out? You see, my dog ran off. George he's called. A border collie. I've had him for fourteen faithful years.

Then he just took off.

I thought we were friends. When I stroke his soft fur it comforts us both. He sits at my feet on cold nights in front of the roaring log fire.

He's never brought me slippers, but then again, I tend not to wear them. But I just get this deep knowing feeling when I gaze into his deep mournful eyes that if I had slippers he would joyfully leave them by the bed.

He's that kind of friend. But now he's gone.

And I can't help feeling it's my fault. Because he's on Aldi dog food now. The prime juicy chunks had been replaced by dry ashy biscuits.

Maybe I'm over analysing but he's the kind of animal you know is wiser than you.

And now he's gone.

Please God, keep him safe.


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