Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mad March is Almost Here

End of another busy day. I can't believe that we've done so much in only a 24 hour period.

I blitzed the house this morning. We hosted a Buddhist leaders' meeting. We went shopping for birthday presents. We wrapped the presents. We went to a rehearsal for the Victorian swimming [just as bonkers as last time]. We went to a birthday party. Cherie did box office for Volga Olga. I put the finishing touches to the steam punk outfit. We ordered Indian [safe Indian for Cherie] and watched a surprisingly excellent movie called "Defendor".

I recommend the movie - don't be put off by what you think it might be. It looks like a superhero spoof movie. It's not. I found it quite moving - it reawakened a little of my faith in my fellow man.

Tomorrow is the Mad March Tea Dance steam punk thing - and Kerry's 50th. Kosen Rufu in the morning at our house - and I'm hoping that lots of smiling happy people will come to chant with us.

Today I feel like a rich man. Not in wealth. In friends and happiness.

Love you all.

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