Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Long Yell

Not 'yell' like a shout but the first syllable of the word yellow. Confused? Don't worry, I'll get to it.

It was the Artists' Hangout tonight and it was hugely enjoyable. One of the best.

No. For me, the ACTUAL best.

The theme for tonight was the colour yellow. People dressed in yellow and brought various yellow items to decorate. We'd spent the afternoon yellowing up the place.

All in all, it ended up being fairly yellow.

There was a guest MC tonight; it wasn't Ian all the way through. A lot of it was presented by a young chap who has just passed the first round of auditions to become a Blue Peter presenter. He was filming a video all night to use for the next round. I wish him the best of luck! He was great with the kids; even the terrifying Saskia!

I performed as one of the One Page Poets. Tomorrow, I'll simply post the poem as my blog.

Yes, I know I'm a lazy bee-atch.

I thought the poem went rather well. My poem was about finding your inner child, something that is very important to me at the moment. A couple of people really liked my words; the music act for the evening linked them into one of his songs. I thought that was pretty cool.

But the main event for me was the performance Ian and I gave as The Fabulous Ricola Brothers. We starting writing a script around last Friday and so only had a few days to learn the roles and rehearse. It was difficult to get the words right during practice and I at times I worried that on the night it was going to be a disaster because I'd forget what I had to say.

But it went so much better than we'd even hoped. Even the ad-libbing was tight. What a buzz!

Speaking to people afterward, it seemed that everybody loved it! I know that I did.

I said to Ian I would call this blog 'the long yell' and I did. That was the way I described how I wanted to deliver the line including the words 'yellow night'. With a long 'yell'.


Happy to be here on-a Yell-ow night.

I want to do the whole thing again! It gave me a feeling that I'd forgotten even existed.

I became somebody else. I don't mean that I became Ricardo Ricolo the gymnastic Romanian - although I did enjoy pretending to be him for a short time. No, I mean I became a version of myself that has been locked away in heavy chains of social paralysis for far too long.

Ashley meet Ashley.

Ashley Ricola.

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