Sunday, 24 March 2013

Too many cats, not enough bags

Yes. It's true. I'm worried that at least one cat won't be contained in a sack of some sort and will roam around miaowing to the world about all the things that are being planned on the down low.

I've had a ridiculously busy day. OMG.

It started at 630. I did all the tidying, laundry and washing up that we were too mashed to do yesterday. I made breakfast and got ready. I then took Cherie to Kerry's for a Buddhist meeting and took Nat's girlfriend, Lisa, home.

William and I then visited the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. We weren't there long because they had some kind of event on for very young children. The place seemed very different and aimed at kiddies. We had a look, got bored then left.

I did try to explain the importance and character of simple harmonic motion and its application to mechanical and electrical engineering. William tried his best to look interested.

We went for food on the way back. In this time of economic downturn even the once busiest of retail parks has tumbleweed blowing across the car park. We stopped at Pilsworth where there once was the best cinema in the area along with many high street restaurants.

The cinema is now up for rent, the Chiquitos has closed and the Pizza Hut had only a handful of customers. At lunchtime on a Sunday.

How the mighty have fallen. I can remember when the whole place was so busy you had to pay to just wait for a table at the best restaurant! It will always be part of my psyche as the only place from which I ever did a runner.

Yes drainers, I ate and ran. Back in the 90s. Not because I didn't have the money or was feeling naughty.

It was just because the place was so busy the waiters couldn't keep up and the service was really abysmally slow. So, I got up and just left after waiting for an hour just to pay the bill.

Anyhow... Back to the cats.

After the pizza I took William back. I'm glad he had a good weekend; he told me so.

I then returned home and fell asleep. Like you do.

We then went to a rehearsal for.... And here we meet the first cat. I can't tell you what it was a rehearsal for. It's kind of a secret. But it was a few hours of chaos.

After that, I was very hot and tired. But there was more to do.

I took Cherie to chant with Christina and returned home to practice for... Ah, I sense another cat. Shove it firmly in the bag. I'll tell you all about it later, faithful drainers.

After picking up Cherie from chanting we watched some cheesy Romcom and snuggled on the sofa. The snuggling made me happy, the movie made me mad. It was one of those really unfair and quite one sided chick flicks. The kind where if the tables were turned and the lead role was a male everyone would call him a shit for treating the supposed love of his life really horribly. But for some reason, because it is a woman in a chick flick its all fine because its done in the name of true love.

Whilst watching it, I was on BookFace posting about... Wait... Do I hear miaowing? Shhhh.... Say no more. Where's that other bag...

And now I'm here, posting this from the bedroom. Feeling really guilty that I had a lardy pizza but fulfilled because of all the events of today and really happy that Wills had a good weekend.

STOP PRESS! I forgot to mention something amazing! One of my very best and very oldest friends is getting married! He invited us to the wedding today. It's in July.

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