Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Practice makes perfect

Rehearsing again for the Artists' Hangout tomorrow. I can't say too much about it really.

In fact, like I said in the post a few days ago, there are lots of things I can't talk about too much at the moment.

The hats and moustaches arrived today for the weather or not festival. Can't say too much about that either. When we've done it I'll post about it.

And if you're good, I'll post pictures.

Blimey, even I'm excited about that!

The bad news I had yesterday involved a very good friend. He had a death in his family. Cherie and I were shocked and deeply upset for him.

Going to go now, this is just a quick post. I now have to practice some more for tomorrow.

I've got the afternoon off work to get ready, practice some more and help set up.

I'll need it. The practice, I mean.

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