Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Post Demolition Tidying

I missed my blog yesterday because there was lots to do! So I'll do two today. A quick one just now and a meatier one later.

When I finished work yesterday I got home and started making some cauliflower, fennel and watercress soup. Whilst that was cooking, I had a go at tidying the house ready for a Buddhist discussion meeting at our house. Remember, the wall's just been taken down and the area replastered.

It's all finished now; all neatly plastered with new skirting boards. They've even cut a piece of laminate flooring and put it into the gaping hole in the floor where the wall used to be.

A really good job and quickly done!

But it left a lot of mess! Dust everywhere. And all the stuff that had been moved out of the area to accommodate the change had to be moved back. And there are not as many walls to put things on anymore!

I had to cart all the stuff around by myself. Cherie was at her mum's who was poorly.

I managed it! And all in time to pick up John Parrat for the meeting!

And the soup was delicious.

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