Sunday, 10 March 2013

Taplow Court

Had a very busy day yesterday, so I didn't get to blog.

A very long day that started at 545 and ended at 2330. It involved driving to Taplow Court for a Buddhist meeting from 10 until 5 and then a trip into London to see my wonderful friend Nancy.

She had made lentil soup which was just ready when I arrived after fighting through the traffic on Vauxhall Bridge.

We watched a corny monster movie and went to bed.

I had a bizarre dream in which I was lucid dreaming. A dream within a dream. To make the lucid element of it work, it had to spin round 360 degrees on the bed, head and feet turning about the axis if my tummy. In the dream, windows were like a liquid you could pass through and I could fly. I soared free around the roof tops of London. Zipping through the London Eye, around Big Ben under Tower Bridge. I felt alive and unrestrained.

Was kinda cool and very vivid. I remembered it all in great detail.

I drove back today bringing a present for Nancy's mum for Mothers Day. Cherie and I took it round when I got back after my 4 hour non stop journey through the snow.

We both chanted at Christina's then went to bed early.

A really full weekend.

So full, in fact, I had to miss having William, a Buddhist meeting at the Civic and a rehearsal for the synchronised swimming event.


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