Thursday, 28 March 2013

When I Grow Up

This is the poem I wrote and performed as a One Page Poet at the Artists' Hangout on Wednesday. I said I'd post it.

It's about finding your inner child.

In Buddhism, we often talk about having a 'youthful' organisation. This doesn't mean the practice has not been going very long or that it's full of children. Instead, it means that those who practice should aim to possess a youthful spirit. To have a childlike (not childish) state of mind.

My goal is to reconnect with the boy I left behind. I was inspired to share this with the other Hanger Outers, so I wrote this poem.

Hope you enjoy it. It's called "When I Grow Up".

When I grow up
I want to be
A fireman

When I grow up
I'll dance my
Days away

When I grow up
I want to play
For England

Such hopeful things
That children
Often say.

Some people think
Youth's wasted
On the young

The playfulness
The thirst for life
The glee

But look within
Yourself and there's
A puzzle

What awful crime
Has forced those traits
To flee.

The wonder's gone
The magic's vanished
The verve has gone to sleep

The dreams have left
And playtime's over
Toys in a rubbish heap

Monsters, fairies
Not real

Santa Claus
Exchanged for
Bitter truth

Flights of fancy
Swapped with dull
Real life

What chance is there
To bring back
Hope of youth.

Relax, my friend,
You can

Return the joy
That you've left

A simple fact
But hard
To realise

Youthfulness is
Just a state
Of mind

Rewind the clock,
Don't work too hard
And play

Reclaim your smile,
Act the fool
Run wild

Sing out loud
This simple phrase
Each day

"When I grow up
I want to be
A child"

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